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Gifted & Talent Development

You are in luck! Black Hawk Middle School is home to some of the hardest working, highest achieving students in the state! We have students that earn excellent grades, high test scores, win contests and learn new and fabulous things every year. It is amazing to watch their growth from sixth to eighth grade.

Students will have the opportunity to join various activities, clubs and groups to enrich their daily learning. They will also be challenged right in their regular and elective classes. We have something for everyone at Black Hawk Middle School.

A lot of students will find new hobbies, interests and learnings in their middle school years. They will also have an opportunity to meet new people and find new best friends. Their chances of success will only grow as they learn new things and get involved.

More specifics about how the GT program works at the middle school level in ISD 196 can be found at the end of this page.

Thank you,

Mr. Herem

David Herem

David Herem

GT Coordinator/Social Studies Teacher

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Middle School GT

The middle school gifted and talented (GT) experience is different from the elementary school GT experience, and that is intentional. Students in the middle school GT programs start by being "clustered" in classes. This provides the students with groupings or whole classes of learners of similar abilities. However, we appreciate and value the uniqueness of each child. These "clusters" provides the teachers with opportunites to challenge students through adjusted lesson plans and differentiating curriculum. In District 196, this is called Levels of Service. Our GT teachers are experts in their subject areas.

What the District 196 middle school GT programs excel at is offering students choices and opportunities. We have a variety of enrichment opportunities at Black Hawk Middle School, and the offerings only continue to grow. Enrichment opportunities are open to any student, they do not need to be a GT-identified student. 

We have clubs for strong readers, writers and spellers, mathematicians, geographers, computer programmers, trivia buffs and artists, just to name a few.

Students choose what they want to be a part of and we believe that makes it much more enjoyable. That is part of growing up and maturing as a student is choosing what activities I want to participate in. Students receive passes from their GT coordinator to attend these opportunities, which usually take place during our Flex Time and do not take students out of class time. However, sometimes they might meet before, during or after school. We believe middle school is great time to expand curricular horizons and harness strengths as a leaner.

Gifted and talented children are those students with outstanding abilities and capable of higher performance when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment. They have significantly different educational needs from their peers and require educational differentiation as a regular part of their school day to ensure they reach their full potential.
Learn more about Gifted and Talent Development in District 196:
These services are available at all elementary and middle schools.
Gifted and Talent Development contacts by school/location.
Letters will be mailed to the primary address of newly identified students the week of March 25-29.
Families may submit an appeals request for identification between April 1-14. This appeals process is available for families of currently enrolled 2nd and 4th grade students.