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Declam (Speech)

Speech in the Virtual Era - Information on our 2020-21 Season

(1) Informational Meeting: December 10, 2020, 2:30-3:30

(2) Schoology Speech Group: 66T2Q-52WZX

(3) Speech Zoom link:

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Declam is a co-curricular speech activity in which each participating student chooses and prepares an interesting piece, present their selection at four Saturday morning tournaments and earn ribbons for their accomplishments. It’s that simple.

Who: All Grades

When: December to February. Coaches are available for practice EVERY DAY after school. Students just sign up for a 15-minute meeting with a coach once each week. See Meet schedule below.

Registration and Fees: Sign up in FeePay ($40), then complete the registration form.


Schoology Group Code: 66T2Q-52WZX