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Fall Play - BHMS Drama


Cast List is posted 

Rehearsals this week are Tuesday, Sept 27 (White cast) and Friday Sept 30 (Green Cast)


All grades and skill levels welcome

Auditions for the Fall Play will be during TRI I. Specific dates to be announced.

Join the BHMS Drama Schoology group for general drama updates: 8F88B-Z6CRG

See the Menu at Right for Information on the most current production.

Auditions are an exciting and challenging experience for everybody involved. Prospective actors auditioning for roles hope to show their best self in order to be in the show. Directors are looking for a balance of talent and experience to create the best theatrical experience for participants and audience members.

Casting decisions are never easy. We weigh a combination of factors as we build our show. Every auditioning student is rated on the following factors:

  • Stage volume
  • Reading interpretation
  • Movement
  • Group interactivity
  • Attentiveness during auditions
  • Schedule availability during rehearsals

Learning to accept casting decisions is not easy, but it’s part of growing up. If you are not cast in a show, don’t let this decision define you: prepare for the next audition. Look for other opportunities to improve your speaking and acting confidence. Also, you can still be involved in the show as a member of the tech crew or as a student director.

mR. mCcAY

Phone: 651-683-6969, ext. 85572

Ms. Banz

Tech Director
Phone: 651-683-6969, ext. 82236

Fall Play 2022

Alice In Wonderland

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