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Tuesday October 27th from 4-6 PM

Wednesday October 28th from 3:30-5:30 PM

Wednesday November 4th from 8:30-11:30 AM and 3:30-8:30 PM

In order to personalize conferences and be able to listen and learn about your student’s successes and needs, we have distributed the conferencing case-load amongst our staff.  As a result, your student MAY NOT conference with their Panther Time teacher.  They should however, be conferencing with a teacher they currently have. Please watch for an email from the teacher your student will conference with the week of October 19. The email will include directions on how to sign up for a conference time slot. Please leave comments to share if you prefer a phone conference, Zoom conference, and/or if you have other accommodations (e.g. an interpreter, or need to meet in person on campus). We appreciate your patience as we create a conferencing model for our current circumstances.

How to Sign-up for Conferences

You will receive an email from your student's conferencing Teacher with their Teacher Code.


  1. Go to 

  2. Enter the TEACHER CODE

  3. Enter your Student’s name, your name, and your email address

  4. The Conference Scheduler (PTCFast) will send an automatic email with a link to the teacher's time slot listings. 

  5. Please choose a time for your Student’s conference

  6. Conferences will be held over the phone or on Zoom. In the special request field, please note if you prefer “Phone or Zoom”.  Also, if you require other accommodations (interpreting services), please list those items in the “Special Requests” field as well.

If you have trouble signing up for a conference time, please contact our front office (651-683-8521) and they can assist you to set up the time over the phone.