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Report Cards & Grading

Accessing Student Grades and Report Cards

Printable version of these instructions>

Term grades and report cards can be found by logging into Campus Student or Campus Parent. 

Log into Campus Student or Campus Parent using the following link. 

Students can also use their Campus Student app on their ipad. Instructions for Student Campus Login> 

To find term grades, click on Grades on the left side of the screen. Choose a term to view the courses and grades for the chosen term. 


To access the report card, click on Documents and then select the appropriate Report Card.

Middle School Grading Scale for 2021-2022

A             100-93%

A-           92-90%

B+          89-87%

B             86-83%

B-           82-80%

C+          79-77%

C             76-73%

C-           72-70%

P             69-60% (Pass) 

NG         59-0%