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A Message from Principal Kusch 9.9.22

A Message from Principal Anne Kusch


Hello Black Hawk Middle School families, 

We are so happy to be back on campus together as a learning community! Our first six days have been full of fruitful frenzy with students buzzing around the building, learning their routes and preferred pathways to classes. After a long summer, establishing new patterns, routines, and rhythms of the school day (in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, bus, and with school technology) takes time and repetition.  

We are so proud of how our BHMS learning community is coming together and supporting each other as we practice The Panther Way, our way of being in community. We are calm, we are kind, we are safe! 

A special shout out to families and the support we’ve received with cell phones. We can tell, based on the conversations at both school and home, that students know that during the school day, the cell phone is put away. This message will be ongoing. New research shows that adults look at their phone once every four minutes!  So there’s no doubt this is hard work for our students, and we need to continue to encourage them to put the tech away and “tik talk” to each other instead of communicating via “tik tok” (did I go too far with this one?!). It has been wonderful watching students talk and laugh together instead of staring at phone screens.

During the first 25 days of school, students remain with their Panther Time advisory during mid-day flex time, 30 minutes attached before or after lunch. This provides students and teachers time to build community, make connections, engage in SEL lessons and activities, discuss the academic expectations in middle school as well as provide support and guidance within the advisor/advisee model. We are fortunate to have this time in our schedule to support overall development of our students. In October, flex time will open up for students to engage in and explore a variety of opportunities and interest areas. More to come on this in the coming weeks!

Finally, next week we’ll be launching our fall fundraiser. If our community hits our goal of raising $10K (or beyond, like we did last year!), I’ll be sporting a new hairdo. We’ll be doing this in stages - a third will come off at $3,000, two thirds at $6,000, and the rest when we hit the mark. I’ve been advised not to completely shave my head, but heck, who knows what might happen. It’s middle school after all!

A few other reminders:

The fall sports season has begun. Registration will be open for just a few more days. Please note: before you can sign your student up for any sport, a sports physical form completed by a doctor must be on file with our school nurse. A sports physical is good for three years.

The federal program that provided no-cost meals for students ended last year, so please make sure you have money in your student’s account in PayPams so they can purchase a hot lunch. Students may bring a lunch as well. 

Please apply for Educational Benefits (formerly called Free & Reduced-Priced Meals) if you need financial support with meals or other activities. This is even more important with many Covid-based resources ending. 

If you or your child is attending activities or events at Eagan High School or Eastview High School, you must purchase tickets online. There are no cash sales at their events.

Please join in the school spirit and order some BHMS Spirit Wear from our Spirit Wear store

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