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A Message from Principal Kusch 10.14.2021

A Message from Principal Anne Kusch

BHMS Families, 

It’s hard to believe that conferences are less than three weeks away! Please find all of the information you need to sign up for conferences at Parents and students will conference with their homeroom Panther Time teachers, just as many of you did at the start of the year.  

If you haven’t signed up for Schoology access to track your student’s academic progress, please do so! Coming into conferences knowing where your student is academically will help make the most of your time with their Panther Time teacher. You can find directions and assistance in signing up for Schoology on our Family Resources page. We value our partnership with you in supporting our students academically.

The social energy at school is vibrating at a high frequency, as students continue to navigate being back in the building after 18 months of disrupted learning. We continue our focus on safety, connections, relationship building, thinking, and learning. We value your partnership in these domains. Please take the time to talk with your student about expected school behaviors. 

We are working on:

  • Paying attention to self and others personal space during transitions (before school, between classes, and after school).

  • Keeping hands to self (lots of hats being knocked off followed by chasing, causing safety concerns in the hallways and stairs).

  • Appropriate lunchroom behaviors including voice levels, handling food appropriately, and minding personal space.

  • Using expected school appropriate language.

  • Keeping cell phones off and put away during the day to limit social media distractions in the learning environment.

  • Keeping calm and using tools for self regulation.

  • Being kind and supporting an inclusive environment for ALL students.

Your support in reinforcing expected school behaviors and talking about what our BHMS school community should look, feel, and sound like is greatly appreciated. We will continue to work on these skills with students in the school environment as well!

Finally, we are excited to see some BHMS students at the EVHS homecoming game and EHS football game being played at their respective fields Friday night, Oct.15th!  

BHMS students represent our amazing school community, and we hold high behavioral expectations for ALL of our students. Those who attend the game are expected to be seated in the stands watching the game and positively supporting the EVHS or EHS student athletes.

Again, your partnership is essential in supporting our students in making positive choices in this loosely structured social environment. Please discuss these expectations with your student. We trust you will make the best decision for your student and determine if they can handle this event without your support and/or presence.

Those who are not able to meet these expectations will be removed from the game, forfeit their privilege of attending future contests as well as, in certain cases, receive school disciplinary action.  We know students are capable of meeting these expectations, and we are excited to cheer on the Eastview Lighting and Eagan Wildcats with you!

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