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BHMS Counseling Newsletter - January 2021

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We hope that the start of the 2021 year has been a positive one for all! We know that this school year has been a challenge for some families and students. We want to make sure everyone is feeling supported during this time. If you or your student are struggling with academics or mental health, please reach out to your grade level counselor and we can find solutions as a team. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Community Learning: Parenting in a Pandemic

MDH and SAVE invite you to join us for a new community learning session. The session is one hour long, and will create space to learn and discuss suicide prevention best practices.
The next event will discuss parenting in a pandemic, and will focus on recognizing parents in their dual role as parents and teachers, and the challenges created because of the pandemic. We will also share strategies for coping as adults try to manage everything between

BHMS Parent Resources

To all of our Black Hawk families
We wanted to extend some information to parents and guardians regarding some tips on dealing with mental health issues, study skills, and school avoidance. If you have further questions regarding these documents, please reach out to us at any time.
BHMS Counseling Department

MDE Suicide Prevention Newsletter

Helping Your Anxious Child

Associated Clinic of Psychology Newsletter– Substance Use and Abuse


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