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BHMS News from the Principal - September 11, 2020

Hello Black Hawk Families, 

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Open House this Wednesday and Thursday!  Now, the first day of school is only a weekend away!  We look forward to seeing cohort A students at Black Hawk Monday, September 14.  Cohort B and C (digital academy) will be learning from home on Monday.  

Students in Cohort B and C should take attendance in Campus by 9:10 AM and then open Schoology to review their messages and work through their courses for the day.  Cohort C students will meet with their 3rd hour teachers at 2:30 PM  and 4th hour teachers at 3:00 PM.  Below is key information to start your week off right along with a message from our Counseling Team.

More information and details on BACK TO SCHOOL can be found on our Back to School page on the BHMS website.  Please reach out to us should you have any questions.

Back to School


To begin, on your days when students are at  home for school (every day for Cohort C), they will be responsible for checking in through the Campus Student app. They can find the app on their iPad.  The  following document and video explain the steps for STUDENTS on taking attendance:

Student Attendance Check-In Directions document

Student Attendance Check-In Directions video

This information is also available on our website on the Attendance and Student Resources pages.


Second, Schoology is how teachers are able to communicate with students and parents. This includes assignments, keeping a calendar, resources, and messages. To see how your teachers' Schoology pages will be arranged, we are providing several videos that show this. In addition to what your teachers will walk you through, please take some time to preview the videos before school starts Monday! 

Schoology Introduction Videos (student)

Schoology Introduction Videos (parent)

This information is also available on our website on the Student Resources and Family Resources pages.

A Message from Black Hawk School Counseling

Welcome to the start of another school year! As we begin a new (and very different) school year, the school counseling team would like to share some information to prepare you and your student for the 2020-21 school year.  We have great news!  We have three counselors, allowing each to work with a specific grade level. The assignments for each grade are: Mary Beck (8th grade), Jill Heasley (7th grade), and James Fischer (6th grade). We also have a school counseling intern Molly Waterman from the University of MN!

Our goal, as a department, is to support every student on their path of success. This goal isn’t just rooted in academics.   We look at the whole person and nurture areas of growth and success. We want students to find their spark, whether it be in:  academics, athletics, the arts, or other areas of interests. Middle school can be a stressful time.  Students are slowly learning more about life and figuring out, “Who am I?”  We are here to advocate, support, and help navigate the middle school years with your student and family.

As we transition into hybrid learning, we are sure many of you are feeling various levels of stress and anxiety. You are not alone in these feelings. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable at Black Hawk. Whether you are in cohort A, B, or distance learning cohort C, we are here for you! We will do everything we can to help:  academically, socially and emotionally.  Finally, stop by our new virtual offices to communicate with your counselor or to see certain resources that are available. Please contact us at any time with questions or concerns and have a great start of the school year!


James Fischer    651-905-5818

Mr. Fischer’s 6th Grade Virtual Counseling Room

Jill Heasley   651-905-5820

Mrs. Heasley’s 7th Grade Virtual Counseling Room

Mary Beck   651-905-5819

Mrs. Beck’s 8th Grade Virtual Counseling Room

BHMS Counseling Website: