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BHMS Student Bazzano places in Dakota County Library Poetry Contest - May 2020

Congratulations to Gia Bazzano, BHMS Grade 6, for ranking 3rd place for the Ages 9-11 category in Dakota County Library’s 2020 Poetry Contest! 

The judges really enjoyed her poem, “The Big Race." 

All the winning poems will be announced and published on the Dakota County Library website.

Gia's winning poem:


The big race


Faster, I told myself, faster

I could feel salty water licking my face

The crowd exploding with energy


Almost done, almost done 

Squeeze core, arms straight, head down

I can do this


I felt like I was going to barf

Only 50 meters left 

My face was burning

My cheeks grew red

I could see the wall


Legs together, tight core, quick breath,

Faster, faster, faster


I could feel myself flying through the salty water

I felt the amazing moment 

In the water

Grateful for all the training I did

Calm, present in the moment 

But also fierce 

I wanted to win


I could see the wall

I can do this

2 hand touch


Everything went silent 

Did I do something wrong?

My heart was racing so hard

I was gasping for air


All of a sudden…

The crowd roared with excitement 

I’d done it!