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Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bulling Prevention month!

During the month, teachers will facilitate guided community circles every Monday during Panther Time. Community circles are a great way to build a safe, supportive space for students to talk about feelings of safety, inclusion and connectedness at school. This month, our circles will focus on safety in our school community, strategies to intervene when something feels wrong, and more.  Students and staff are encouraged to wear orange on October 20th to show support for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. As counselors, we pull information from a variety of research-based organizations. In the case of bullying, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is an excellent resource for parents and students. Learn more>

We recognize that the last year has been challenging. We are noticing that students in particular need skills to handle the daily stressors that occur both in and outside of school. As grade-level counselors, we will be spending time in classes working with students on learning about and developing coping skills for strong emotions, noticing how they are feeling, and thinking about and implementing skills to support and develop self-regulation skills. One of the resources we plan to introduce comes from Allina Health group. Change to Chill is an online tool that supports students in managing stress and integrating healthy habits into their daily routine. Explore this resource with your student!

Mary Beck - Grade 6 Counselor,, 651-905-5819

James Fischer - Grade 7 Counselor,, 651-905-5818

Jill Heasley - Grade 8 Counselor,, 651-905-5820