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Inaugural BHMS Learning Fair allows students to explore their infinite possibilities

The Science Fair has been reimagined at Black Hawk Middle School by allowing students to think far outside the box and explore innovative ideas.

Our inaugural Learning Fair showcased the incredible talents and academic prowess of our students, as well as their boundless creativity. The goal was to provide students an opportunity to research a topic of their choosing and space to share it with their classmates. 

“We gave students the choice on what they wanted to research,” Principal Rich Wendorff said. “These students have a lot of talent and abilities.”

They presented on how climate change is impacting coral reefs; women breaking barriers in male-dominated sports like powerlifting; the evolution of video game graphics and the future of gaming, and a number of hands-on STEM experiments and issues.

This is just the beginning for the Learning Fair, and we look forward to expanding on this idea to see what kinds of ideas our students come up with next!

We were featured in the local newspaper. Check out the article 'Black Hawk students express themselves' in the Sun Thisweek.