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News from the Principal - November 16, 2020

Hello Black Hawk Families, 

It’s hard to believe the end of the trimester is just three weeks away!  The last official day of the trimester is Friday, December 4.  As we near the end of our first trimester/learning cycle together, I continue to be humbled by the positivity, collaboration, communication, and strong sense of community being built between our students, teachers, staff, and families in the face of adversity.  

I have encountered and am proud to support the incredible collaboration between teachers as they work to provide meaningful content and course delivery not only in the hybrid but distance learning model for a wide range of students and their abilities.  I continue to see them work day in and day out to improve their practice as they navigate what it means to be a digital teacher, something they had not necessarily thought about prior to emergency distance learning this past spring.  

I’ve witnessed our counseling, secretarial, clerical, custodial, and food service staff work in new ways too.  They all have jumped in to learn and adapt to new ways of family outreach, technologies, standards of health and safety, and preparation of meals.  All of these things continue to ensure we stay connected and our students continue to have access to education, food, and a safe educational environment.

THANK YOU to you, our families, who have been gracious and supportive.  Thank you for providing valuable feedback so we can continue to improve our practice and for also sharing with us what’s working!  This allows us to celebrate the bright spots during this very challenging time.  

Even though we are not together in person as we move into the final three weeks of the trimester, we are committed to an “all hands on deck” approach to support our students in crossing the finish line on December 4.  Please reach out if you are running into roadblocks, we are here to support you during this time as you have supported us.  Thank you for your continued partnership during this unprecedented school year.

The District 196 COVID-19 Dashboard

The District 196 COVID-19 Dashboard provides families and staff with county and district data used to guide decisions about learning models in the 2020-21 school year. This dashboard is updated every Thursday after release of data by the state. District 196 values the importance of sharing general health information and remains committed to protecting the privacy of individual student, family and staff information. 

Who do I go to for help? 

Technology  Student Resources
  Tech Help Form 
Student Schedules
Contacting Teachers Staff Directory
Contacting Counselors 6th Grade 
  7th Grade
  8th Grade  
Contacting Administrators Principal
  Asst. Principal
  Asst. Administrator

Looking for an Activity?  Join Maud Squad!

Mystery, horror, sci-fi, realistic graphic novels and more! This year’s list of nominated books has something for everyone. Take part in book discussions and activities by joining Maud Squad today. We’ll also have special guests like a man whose father was a member of the Resistance during WWII and our own Ms. Riffe, who will teach us some sign language.

The Schoology access code to join Maud Squad 20-21 is RFNF-HTHN-Z92B7

View a summary of all the titles here. Even if you don’t want to join the club, you are welcome to read the books! 

More info on the MYRA webpage>

Meal Kit Pick-up

All students are eligible for free seven-day meal kits to support their distance learning. To best meet the needs of our families, meal kits will be available for pick up near door number 8 at the lower entrance doors of Black Hawk Middle school at these times:

  • Monday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Tuesday 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

  • Wednesday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Digital Academy Meals will continue)

  • Thursday 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

  • Friday 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Look for the banner and sign for the distribution location.  Families with children in multiple schools are encouraged to pick-up all seven-day meal kits at one school.

Initially, families will be asked to complete this Seven-Day Meal Kit Interest Survey. This will allow the Food and Nutrition Services department to prepare the number of meal kits needed. The survey only needs to be completed once.

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has authorized funding for schools to provide meals at no charge to children, 18 and younger, for the entire school year. All secondary families are encouraged to participate in this opportunity. Any child 18 and younger, or parent/guardian of a child is able pick up these seven-day meal kits. For contactless distribution, the seven-day meal kit boxes will be placed on a 6-foot table with a bag of milk on the side. Families will be able to take as many boxes as needed for their children. Food and Nutrition Staff will monitor and replenish the table as needed.


A partir del 9 de noviembre, todos los estudiantes son elegibles para recibir paquetes de comida gratuitos de siete días para apoyar su aprendizaje a distancia. Para satisfacer mejor las necesidades de nuestras familias, los kits de comida estarán disponibles para recoger cerca de las puertas de entrada de las escuelas intermedias o secundarias en los siguientes horarios:

· Lunes 4:00 pm a 5:30 pm

· Martes 7:30 am- 9:00 am

· Miércoles 10:00 am- 11:00 am (Continuarán las comidas de la Academia Digital)

· Jueves 7:30 am- 9:00 am

· Viernes 7:30 am - 9:00 am|es)

Busque la pancarta y firme para la ubicación de distribución.  Se anima a las familias con niños en varias escuelas a que recojan todos los kits de comida para siete días en una sola escuela.

Inicialmente, se les pedirá a las familias que completen esta Encuesta de Interés sobre el Kit de Comidas de Siete Días. Esto permitirá que el departamento de Servicios de Alimentos y Nutrición prepare la cantidad de kits de comida necesarios. La encuesta solo debe completarse una vez.

El Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos ha autorizado fondos para que las escuelas proporcionen comidas sin cargo a los niños, de 18 años o menos, durante todo el año escolar. Se anima a todas las familias de secundaria a participar en esta oportunidad. Cualquier niño/a de 18 años o menos, o el padre/madre/tutor de un niño/a puede recoger estos kits de comida para siete días. Para la distribución sin contacto, las cajas del kit de comida para siete días se colocarán en una mesa de 6 pies con una bolsa de leche a un lado. Las familias podrán llevar tantas cajas como necesiten para sus hijos. El Personal de Alimentos y Nutrición controlará y reabastecerá la mesa según sea necesario.


Laga bilaabo Nofeembar 9, dhammaan ardayda waxay xaq u leeyihiin xirmooyinka cuntada ee toddobada maalmood oo bilaash ah si loo taageero waxbarashadooda fogaalka ah. Si sida ugu wanaagsan loo daboolo baahiyaha qoysaskeena, xirmooyinka cuntada ayaa la heli doonaa ooi laga qaadan karo meel u dhow albaabada laga soo galo dugsiyada dhexe ama sare waqtiyadaas:

· Isniinta 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

· Talaado 7:30 subaxnimo - 9:00 subaxnimo

· Arbacada 10:00 am - 11:00 am (Waxa sii socon doonaa Cuntooyinka Aqoonta Dhijitalka)

· Khamiista 7:30 subaxnimo - 9:00 subaxnimo

· Jimcaha 7:30 subaxnimo - 9:00 subaxnimo|so)

Raadi bannerka oo saxeex goobta qaybinta.  Qoysaska carruurta leh ee ku kala jira iskuulo badan ayaa lagu dhiirigelinayaa inay ka soo qaataan dhammaan xirmooyinka cuntada ee toddobada maalmood ah hal iskuul.

Ugu horreyn, qoysaska waxaa laga codsan doonaa inay dhammaystiraan Sahankan Toddoba-maalmood ah ee Saamaynta Xirmada Cunnada. Tani waxay u oggolaan doontaa waaxda Adeegyada Cuntada iyo Nafaqada inay diyaariso tirada xirmooyinka cuntada ee loo baahan yahay. Sahanku wuxuu u baahan yahay keliya in la dhammaystiro hal mar.

Mareykanka Waaxda Beeraha ayaa u oggolaatay maalgelinta dugsiyada inay ku siiso cunno lacag la'aan carruurta, 18 iyo kuwa ka yar, sannad dugsiyeedka oo dhan. Dhamaan qoysaska dugsiga sare waxaa lagu dhiirigelinayaa inay kaqeybqaataan fursadan. Ilmo kasta oo 18 ah ama ka yar, ama waalid / ilaaliye cunug ayaa qaadi kara xirmooyinka cuntada ee toddobada maalmood ah. Qaybinta xiriir la'aanta ah, sanduuqyada xirmooyinka cuntada ee toddobada maalmood ah waxaa la saari doonaa miis 6-fuudh ah oo ay ku jirto boorso caano ah oo la socota. Qoysasku waxay awoodi doonaan inay qaataan inta sanduuqyo ah ee ugu baahan yihiin carruurtooda. Shaqaalaha Cuntada iyo Nafaqada ayaa kormeeri doona oo dib u buuxin doona miiska sida hadba loogu baahdo.

Child Care Worker Job Openings

District 196 is seeking applicants to fill vacancies in our tier 1 critical worker child care program. The position is 10 AM - 2 PM, Monday through Friday, at various elementary and middle school buildings across District 196. Rate of pay is $17/hr. Please apply online.

Dakota County Library Student Cards for 8th Graders

In District 196, we are committed to preparing students to be intelligent, critical consumers of information. This begins with access to reliable information sources, which we continually strive to provide for all students. In 2017, with this in mind, District 196 began a collaboration with the Dakota County Library system to provide our students with fine-free library cards, giving them instant access to the vast resources available through the public library system.

The student library card program is now available to all district 8th-12th grade students. Each student will receive a virtual student library card that will connect them to the wonderful resources Dakota County Library has to offer, including online one-on-one homework help, research tools, eBooks, audio books, electronic magazines, print books and more.

This program will ensure that public library resources are a part of every student's learning experience and leverages existing public resources to support student learning. The card can be used online and in library buildings. The fine-free cards will expire when students graduate.

All District 196 high school students have iPads this year as we expand our 1:1 student personal learning device initiative. This will help maximize use of Dakota County Library resources and will aid classroom teachers in helping students develop dynamic information literacy skills. We also hope that the ease of access to books will encourage students to read for enjoyment and motivate them to research and explore their own interests.

This program is voluntary. If students/families prefer to opt out, they can contact the Black Hawk Media Specialist. Students will be activating their cards and organizing new tools through their communications class with Ms. Pixler and with Ms. Ninteman or in AVID.  To learn more go to and search student cards .

We are excited by the many ways this partnership will benefit your children and their learning. If you have any questions, please contact Media Specialist Julianne Ninteman at


Important Dates In November-December

November 26 -27    

No School - Thanksgiving Break

December 4

End of Trimester I

December 9

No School - Teacher Workshop

December 22 Final Grades Posted at the End of the School Day.

Dec 23 - Jan 1

No School - Winter Break