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Panther Pause Newsletter: June 10, 2020


Dear Black Hawk Middle School Parents / Guardians , Students and Staff,

As we close out this school year, I would like to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you.    At the start of the 2019-20 school year, we never envisioned that we would be experiencing a pandemic during the last trimester of this school year.  Given this unexpected circumstance, the planning and preparation to implement distance learning in a relatively short amount of time was remarkable.  However, we did experience a few issues associated with distance learning but in time and with a lot of effort, we solved them to the best of our ability.  

 I realize that for some of you facilitating distance learning with your child away from school presented a host of challenges as well.  I thank you for working through that and for supporting your child in this new way of learning.  Under these circumstances, the commitment that the students made to engage and participate in distance learning was very much appreciated. I am very proud of the students for persevering and doing the very best that they could.  I would like to acknowledge the terrific job the Black Hawk Middle School staff did this year and for their role in planning and coordinating the distance learning process for their students.  Their dedication, passion and commitment to the teaching profession is amazing!  

Recently, we all experienced the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  This has caused great pain, frustration and sadness for all of us.  I am hopeful that the conversations and protest that are occurring around the world will inevitably result in much needed systemic changes in our society.   I am optimistic that these positive changes will be forthcoming. At Black Hawk Middle School, we will continue to strive to provide a school environment that is inclusive of each student where human dignity, respect and understanding the perspectives of others will be a priority.         

The Panther Parade drive by today, Wednesday, was phenomenal.  It was great to see the students with their parents/guardians drive by the school to wave good-bye.  Given the circumstances and restrictions of the pandemic, it provided everyone the opportunity to bring closure to this school year.  Pictures of the Panther Parade will be available on the BHMS school website this Friday.   

The Black Hawk staff would like to thank you for supporting your child this school year especially these past few months.  As always, it has been a pleasure working with you as partners to help your child reach their full potential.  For that, we thank you!  

Moving forward this summer please refer to the Black Hawk Middle School website for any school related updates and other pertinent information applicable to Black Hawk.  As we transition into the summer break, I wish you and your family the very best.   

Take care!
Richard Wendorff – Principal 

Make Up Day for Student Collection of Materials

– Return of Class Textbooks and Library Books
Wednesday, June 17 from 1:00 – 5:00

If you were unable to come to school last week to pick up and/or drop off school materials, please plan to come to school on June 17 between 1:00-5:00.   This also includes returning any class textbooks or library books.  Please note the procedures for this:

  1. Drive into the upper level parking lot and park at the curb.  

  2. Have a sign made with your child’s name and his/her Panther Time teacher.

  3. Call the main office number at 651-683-8521.

  4. Indicate your child’s name and his/her Panther Time teacher. 

  5. Someone will bring the bag or materials out to your car.  Have the trunk open.

  6. If you are returning class textbooks or Library books, please give those books to the staff person meeting you outside at the curb. 

  7. All unidentified Physical Education items will be located in front of school (girls outside the 3-T door) and (boys outside the 3-S door) Look for the signs. 

  8. The Lost and Found items will be located outside the main entrance front doors. Look for the sign. 

Summer Office Hours

Although the school office will remain closed until further notice, you can call the main office number at 651-683-8521 and leave a message.  Your call will be returned.