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Panther Pause Newsletter: Week of March 9-12, 2020

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Hello BHMS Parents, Guardians and Students,

We are excited to begin trimester three on Monday, March 9.  Now that we are in the month of March, I must admit that I am looking forward to spring and warmer weather. Regarding the trimester two grades for your child, you will be able to access them on Wednesday, March 18.   Congratulations to the BHMS students who participated and excelled in the AMC 8th Math Challenge.   We are very proud of them!

Go Panthers!

Richard Wendorff – Principal 

AMC - 8th Math Challenge

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…okay it was at Black Hawk Middle School but it was a long time ago 10 students took the AMC-8 math challenge test. This was the very first time Black Hawk Middle School participated in AMC – 8 math challenge. Mr. Herem administered the test and then sent the student’s tests to be graded and the results are finally in. The Gold Medal goes to Kartik S. in seventh grade with the top score of 18. Everett K. earned silver and eighth grader Huy V. took the bronze medal. Way to go guys…filling out the top ten were: Emilio D., Sri M., Neel N., Luke H, Aimen P., Chloe L., and Mia D.

Grade Level Happenings

6th Grade: Science: More than 80+ students pushed themselves with the February science challenge The Zip Line. During the month of March students will be learning about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Students will take that knowledge and apply it to the science challenge: the “Humpty Dumpty Parachute Lander.” The challenge for students will be to create a parachute that will gently lower a Dixie cup holding a shelled egg and/or plastic egg without the egg falling apart/cracking utilizing their ability to manipulate fluid friction and engineer a functionally designed parachute. The parachute testing will occur right after spring break and will be the first extra credit challenge for trimester 3. 


Math: In math we are currently working on percentages of numbers- this is a great chapter where students can apply learning to real world scenarios like finding discounts in stores and calculating tips at restaurants. We will learn different ways to solve these types of problems- using equations or using proportions as well as learning how to estimate the solutions. After this chapter, we will be beginning our work with geometry and as we head into April we will be doing more review for our upcoming MCAs that are scheduled for the week of April 13-17. 

ELA: In Reading students finished The Bridge Home. Not only did they learn about the country of India, they learned about homelessness and perseverance. In both English and Reading students are preparing to take their reading MCA’s. They are working through item samplers on their IPads.  Students will also be immersed in learning about nonfiction text features and text structures. Each student will be writing a book on Book Creator.  

MN Studies: In Minnesota Studies, students are learning about the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862. The unit will culminate with a Socratic Seminar. 

Electives: 6th graders wrapped up their time in art by learning about form and creating sculptures. During trimester 2, 6th graders built with clay, experimented with mixed media, created paintings using both tempera and watercolor paint, and expanded upon their creative thinking and problem solving skills. They will be starting Tech Ed. for the final trimester of the year, where they will spend time in the shop and classroom creating some fantastic projects. 

7th Grade: The 7th Grade at BHMS finished the trimester strong.  These kids continue to impress with their ability to focus on instruction, and then work hard towards accomplishing academic assignments/goals.  Whether that be studying individually towards tests, working on group projects, large research projects, or getting day-to-day homework done, they are doing this at a great level and growing academically. 


Food Drive Brings out the Best in Everyone!  What a fantastic turn-out for the Seventh Grade Food Drive. Students have really stepped up to show their care to the community. As of now, the top three Panther Times are: LaBahn, McDonald, and Dehncke. These three will be recognized next week when we present the contributions to Jason, who is from the Open Door Pantry. However, we also plan on having some consolation winners next week. How can your PT become a consolation winner and earn something special? Simple...bring in more food on Monday, March 9, (only Monday). All items are DOUBLE POINTS, including paper grocery bags. This is one final pull to top the amount that our food drive donated last year. Thank you for your support and thanks for any last-minute  items you bring in on Monday.


8th Grade: Black Hawk eighth graders finished second trimester strong! They enjoyed a CLIMB theater presentation on February 11. The Star Wars themed production was a short play about money mindfulness giving students some perspectives on financial management. The Science department launched their latest Monthly Challenge initiative asking students to build a Solar Eclipse viewer in preparation for future astronomical events. Students enjoyed a career exploration unit during their Global Studies classes which came at the perfect time as they set their sights on High School and the not-so-distant goal of graduation. As second trimester comes to a close, we look forward to a great end of the year.


Attention Black Hawk Students and Families

March’s  Panther Time theme is Responsibility. There will be a variety of activities and discussion around this theme in morning Panther Time.


Library Media News

Bee a Maker:  We’re creating a buzz in the library with DIY flying insect bookmarks.  Come to our library maker-space (nonfiction side) on Thursday, March 12, from 7:30-7:55 AM, and choose from 15 different winged insect designs such as butterflies, moths, flies, bees, and dragonflies.  It’s fun and it’s free!


Award Winning Author An Na to Visit Black Hawk:  In the novel A Step From Heaven the protagonist Young Ju “tells the story of her acculturation into American life beginning from the day she leaves Korea as a young child and ending when she is a young woman. While going up into the sky on the flight from Korea to America, four-year-old Young Ju concludes that they are on their way to heaven-America is heaven! After they arrive, however, Young Ju and her parents and little brother struggle in their new world, weighed down by the difficulty of learning English, their insular family life, and the traditions of the country they left behind.” As a Korean-American, this author offers an opportunity for students to see the world through both windows and mirrors, expanding their experiences with diversity.  Students in grades 6-8 wishing to hear An Na’s presentation at BHMS on Thursday, April 2, will be able to apply for a ticket to the event. Watch for more details! Dakota County Library is generously sponsoring this author visit. Go to the DCL website for updates on a writing workshop for teenagers with An Na on April 3 at Westcott and another presentation at Farmington.  In the meantime, peruse the author’s website to learn more about her.


America is too great for small dreams.  ~ Ronald Reagan